This domain features two walks that will take you along the most beautiful spots of Het Broek. Het Watersportpad (the Water Sports Path) is 3.9 km and departs from the car park at de Broekstraat in Blaasveld-Willebroek and Het Vierwielenpad (the Four Wheels Path) is 4 km and starts at the car park of Watersportbaan Hazewinkel at Beenhouwersstraat in Heindonk-Willebroek. The latter path was designed specifically for wheelchair users. The marked paths will take you along the centrally located Scheyvaerts domain, which features sanitary facilities, picnic tables, a log cabin (for use as a shelter in poor weather) and a playground.


Het Broek 1
2830 Willebroek


+32 479 67 94 78

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