In Provincial Domain Het Vinne wheelchair users can follow a sensory experience path of 800m along a stream called the Sint-Odulphiusbeek, where you can use your senses to enjoy the natural beauty of this location. The bike rental firm has some special bikes for people with a disability: a wheelchair bike, a duo-bike, tandems and bicycles with a low step. In addition, there are accessible cycle routes starting from the park. It is best to book bicycles in advance by mail or telephone. You can also visit the wheelchair-accessible herb garden or take part in a custom herbal activity using guide books. In order to give everyone the opportunity to learn and to enjoy the experience at Het Vinne, the employees at Vonne (in consultation with the applicants) will adapt their existing educational activities as best as possible to the needs of the target group.


Ossenwegstraat 70
3440 Zoutleeuw


011 78 18 19

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