On this adventurous journey you will be immersed in thrilling stories about the mine, stimulating all your senses. An impressive ventilation passage greets you at the start of an exceptional tour through underground passageways. Discover original equipment and experience the life of a mine worker in a true-to-life setting. Take up the challenge and climb the mineshaft tower, which is over 60 metres high! From up here, you will enjoy splendid views of the green Limburg surroundings. Afterwards, enter a veritable time capsule that will take you to an active mine in the 1950s via the new virtual reality module. You will be able to experience the atmosphere of underground mining, discover how dark it really was in the swelteringly hot and scarcely lit corridors, and feel the vibration of the drills and how numerous underground explosions cause the ground to move beneath your feet. Unforgettable!


3600 Genk


+32 89 65 44 90

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