Flanders is synonymous with cycle racing and cycle racing is synonymous with Flanders. And the origin of this passion was in Roeselare. In 1912, Odiel Defraeye became the first Belgian to win the Tour de France, while his native city, Roeselare, also boasts a long line of world champions; Benoni Beheyt, Patrick Sercu, Jean-Pierre Monseré, Freddy Maertens. No wonder Roeselare has been chosen as the home of KOERS. Museum of Cycle Racing. In the summer of 2018 the refurbished Cycling Museum - founded in 1998 - reopened its doors. With new design elements. Expect an interactive ride through the history of bicycles and cycling. The route will include a 90° cobblestone wall, outstanding trophies, a Service Course filled with racing bikes, testimonies from bike enthusiasts, compelling action images and a rainbow of cycling collection pieces. KOERS is the ideal place for young and old to catch the cycle virus and bicycle bug and to share and experience a passion for bikes and cycling. Cyclists are treated like royalty in KOERS. You'll find secure bike lockers and charging points for electric bikes. Connected to the West Flanders cycling route network,the museum is the ideal starting and ending point for recreational and sporting cyclists. If you do not have a bike you can always rent one. Bicycle maps with detailed routes are available at the reception desk. KOERS offers cycling tourists secure bicycle lockers, showers and refreshing cycling beers. A unique way of discovering the region is to mount your trusty iron steed and set off for a tough ride with Peter Farazijn. The former professional cyclist will take you on a tour of the region, starting and finishing at KOERS. If you are looking for an original cycling gift or a treat for yourself, stop at the museum shop to discover some smart cycling gadgets, Petit Flandrien T-shirts, KOERS outfits, good reads and tasty beers dedicated to cycling. A great way to finish your visit to the museum? An energy-rich replenishment before your bike ride, or a tasty treat after your ride - after all, a race would not be a race without an après-race, right? Let yourself be pampered in the KOERSkaffee! When the weather is fine, the terrace in the child-friendly museum garden is a real haven. Cycling in the roeselare cycle racing area Roeselare is the birthplace of many cycling racing legends. Thanks to world champions Benoni Beheyt, Patrick Sercu, Jean-Pierre 'Jempi' Monseré and Freddy Maertens Roeselare is now known as the 'Capital of World Champions'. Their exploits still live on today during the post-Tour de France criterium, the start of Dwars door Vlaanderen (Across Flanders), the Jean-Pierre Monseré Grand Prix and owing to the unique character of the Defraeye-Sercu cycling track.


Polenplein 15
8800 Roeselare


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