At the actual site of the notorious Nazi 'Sammellager' visitors discover, in a scientifically-based manner, the disconcerting history of the genocide on Jews and gipsies in Belgium and Europe during WW II. The museum was housed in a part of the former Dossin barracks from where thousands of Jews were deported to the concentration camps, one-way towards death. The intention is to exhibit this painful episode from world history in a penetrating and serene manner so that history would not repeat itself, also if it were only for this once. Several aspects are considered: the help and support to the SS from Belgian institutions, the collaboration of extreme right-wing organisations, the murder of almost half the Belgian Jews, the resistance of the Jews who managed to escape deportation, the help of a broad segment of the Belgian population, especially in saving Jewish children... Despite this help 25,257 prisoners are led to the camps from here, only 1207 of them will survive the horror.


Goswin de Stassartstraat 153
2800 Mechelen


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