The In Flanders Fields Museum tells the historic story of the First World War in the West Flemish front region. It narrates the invasion of Belgium and the first months of the war of movements, and the subsequent four years of trench warfare in the Westhoek, from the beach of Nieuwpoort to the Lys. And the museum continues about the end of the war and about the continuous commemoration since then, a war that never ends, now almost a century later. When the In Flanders Fields Museum was opened in 1998 the focus of the scenography was already on the human experience in the war, on the personal testimonial of the war experience, as this brings the greatest possible public into contact with this subject. Now the personal witnesses are no longer here, the museum presents the landscape of the war as the great last witness. The contemporary landscape is certainly one of the last tangible witnesses of the war history. Tangibility that makes encounters possible. This is why the museum route also allows for a visit of the Belfry. From the tower gallery the visitor can survey the city and surrounding battlefields.Discover the numerous WWI sites and join us in commemorating those who fought in Flanders Fields.


Grote Markt 34
8900 Ypres


057/23 92 20

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