DISCOVER EUROPE'S NICEST PLACES ... Europe in a few hours... A unique experience ! Mini-Europe is above all an "invitation to travel". The chimes of Big Ben, the gondolas in front of the Doge's Palace, the Grand-Place in Brussels, the Acropolis ... an animated tour with visual and sound effects of 350 miniature models and attractions that you won't find anywhere else. All kinds of working models. Be surprised by the eruption of Vesuvius or the fall of the Berlin wall. Cheer on the matador at the Corrida in Seville, watch the launch of Ariane V, follow the Thalys from Paris to the other end of France and marvel at many other working models, for both young and old. The best miniature park in Europe. All the monuments have been recreated down to the smallest detail. Big Ben is 4 m high. With its height of 13 m, the Eiffel tower projects above a 3-storey building ! And yet all the buildings are on a scale of 1 to 25. The town hall of Brussels is decorated with 294 hand-carved statues. All against a backdrop of miniature gardens with an area of 6 acres. Visit also the exhibition the Spirit of Europe, full of interactive multimedia games.WWI A remembrance trail has been devised, taking visitors to all Belgian and European monuments and buildings associated with WWI. This walk starts out in an area where the remembrance of WWI is symbolically reflected through 4 war cemeteries and various sculptures. Fascinating and enjoyable : as you play you will make one discovery after another; the European Union, its members, its history, its achievements ... among the numerous games don't miss the virtual game ! Make it a family outing.


1020 Laken


+ 32 2 478 05 50

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