The Museum on the Yser focuses on the Belgian-German military confrontation during the First World War as well as on the Flemish Emancipation. It emphasises the message of peace with the slogan ‘What remains of our lives? What remains of the country?’ What remains of our lives? How did the soldiers try to live a normal life at the front? What did people take with them when they had to flee all of a sudden? How did the front line soldiers try to deal with the traumatic experiences of the war once they were at home? In this exhibition the message of peace is presented in an implicit way. What remains of the country? This question refers to the scars in the landscape caused by the war and creates connections with the further surroundings of the Yser valley. It also refers to the Belgian patriotism at the beginning of the war as well as the Flemish nationalism and the Flemish Movement during and after the First World War. From the panorama hall on the roof terrace, 273 feet above the 'Flanders Fields', you have a unique view over the entire area from Nieuwpoort by the coast to Ypres and Ploegsteert. All WW1 sites are clearly signposted.


Ijzerdijk 49
8600 Diksmuide


+32 51 50 02 86

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