The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) forms part of the Royal Museums for Art and History and manages a world-famous collection. It is housed in the beautiful Old England building in Art Noveau style. The museum extends includes old and modern music, world and folkloric music. When visiting you follow a circuit that takes you along 90 themes and about 1500 instruments and more than 700 iconographic documents. The tour starts with Belgian and European folk instruments and the non-European instruments, then it goes from Ancient Times to the 20th century and an explanation of the evolution of keyboard and string instruments. Then mechanical and 20th-century pieces, complemented with a collection of bells, are exhibited. The different themes are accompanied by representative sound recordings allowing you to not only see, but also hear, the instruments. There are special displays for youths such as the musical instrument workshop in Orpheus' garden or the sound lab.


Hofberg 2
1000 Brussels


+32 2 545 01 30

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