Discover, taste and learn all the secrets of lambic beers from the Senne valley and the Pajottenland! Visitor Centre ‘De Lambiek’ in Alsemberg is the ideal starting point for an instructive discovery tour along the breweries and blenderies in our region. Come in to sample the spontaneously fermented lambic beer, which has been brewed according to the same traditional methods for centuries. Matured in wooden barrels, lambic is the result of traditional techniques and expertise found nowhere else in the world. With their colours, flavours and scents, lambic-style beers are a source of refined pleasure and a perfect companion for moments of pure conviviality. A fascinating film on the brewing process immerses you in the history of this unique beer full of character!


Gemeenveldstraat 1
1652 Alsemberg


+32 2 359 16 36

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