Saint John’s Day, or Midsummer Night, has been celebrated on 24 June for centuries, and was an exuberant event in the days of Jan Van Eyck as well. Just as Saint John’s Day heralds the seasonal transition, Midsummer Night marks for us the second half of the themed year. This will be a true open-air folk festival centred around, as tradition will have it, tasty food, fire, music, and nature. Because 26 June is when we celebrate the homecoming of the Ghent Altarpiece at St Bavo's Cathedral, we have no qualms about having a festive midweek celebration. Expect no less than a vibrant festival with dancing, medieval street food to salivate over, folkloristic shows, spectacular tableaux vivants, and troubadours. Because there is no party like a Medieval Burgundian party!
Midsummer Night


9000 Ghent


From Thursday, June 24, 2021
To Thursday, June 24, 2021


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