As the mirror of our lifestyles and consumer habits, the layout of our interiors reflects our civilisation’s huge social upheavals and technological advances. The exhibition SPACES – Interior Design Evolutions retraces the development and layout of interior spaces, from the ostentatious decoration of the 19th century to the openplan, minimalist designs of contemporary apartments. The development of electric lighting and mass-produced furniture, together with the emergence of electrical household appliances, have transformed the interior architecture of our homes, altering the way in which we inhabit, approach and understand space. Our homes are private places, yet they are also representative, being full of symbols and signs that associate us with a particular group, culture or philosophy. Whether it be the arrangement of circulation areas, or developments in interior design and furniture, what can interiors and their layouts tell us about people’s lifestyles, attitudes and behaviour?
SPACES | Interior design evolutions




From Wednesday, May 29, 2019
To Sunday, November 3, 2019


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