Winterfoor: fair attractions for young and old.   Carnival parade: the authentic carnival parade moves through the streets of the city centre on the Sunday and Monday before Ash Wednesday. Bezemdans (broom dance) and ajuinworp (onion throwing) by the Gilles: carnival Monday. “Voil Jeanetten” parade: Tuesday, when gratuitously made-up young men dressed as women with giant bras, old corsets, broken umbrellas, chamber pots, bird cages with smoked herring and prams prance through the streets of the city centre, teasing everyone. Carnival effigy burning: Tuesday night, near the end of Carnival. Carnival-goers and many spectators gather on the Grote Markt. The Shrove Tuesday carnival effigy is set ablaze by the Prince of the Carnival, which is an emotional moment as it signifies the end of Carnival.
Aalst Carnival


Grote Markt 
9300 Aalst


From Sunday, February 23, 2020
To Tuesday, February 25, 2020


+32 (0)53 77 93 00

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