Every year in April, the blossom colours the rolling Haspengouw hills white and purple. In the blossoming month of April, the region is bustling with activity. Auctions and fruit companies open their doors. When farmers and growers harvest their fruit in the autumn, the fruit festival really comes to life. You can take a look behind the scenes of auctions and fruit companies, taste wine in the vineyards, sett of for a romantic picnic or walk around a market showcasing local products. Some farmers allow you to reserve an apple tree in the blossoming period so that you can pick the apples from your own personal tree during the harvest later.
Blosom Festivities


Various locations in Haspengouw 
3800 Sint-Truiden


From Sunday, April 24, 2022
To Sunday, April 24, 2022


+32 (0)11 70 18 18

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