"Designed by Rubens" focuses on a remarkable aspect of the oeuvre of this brilliant artist: Rubens as a designer of exclusive, luxury art objects in costly materials such as silver, ivory and bronze. It was during his stay in Italy that Rubens first saw such objects. In his studio in Antwerp, Rubens embraced this artistic challenge by making designs for such precious showpieces. For their execution, he turned to young, talented artist friends, such as the German sculptor Georg Petel (1601/02-1634), and the Flemish sculptors Artus I Quellinus (1609-1668) and Lucas Faydherbe (1617-1697). For the first time ever, some thirty designs (paintings, oil sketches and drawings) and the objects themselves will be brought together in a fascinating exhibition. With loans from the Swedish Royal Collections, the ashmolean Museum in Oxford, the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambrigde, the Metropolitan Museum in New York and other sources. The exhibition will open in 2020 together with the new 'Rubens Experience Centre'.
Designed by Rubens (Rubens House)


Wapper 9-11
2000 Antwerp


From Friday, January 1, 2021
To Wednesday, January 1, 2025


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