On several occasions, Rubens was requiested to 'embellish' the city, usually for the purposes of a joyous entry. In this sense, Rubens' artistic work was visible and accessible to the inhabitants of, and visitors to, the city. ABC2018. Signed Rubens. is looking to use the Mural works of Yvon Tordoir to also give the project a strong and contemporary presence in the urbain landscape. Here, too, Antwerp has a more modern tradition due to its inclusion of projects such as Mode Landed / Geland and Antwerp Book Year (Lanoye-Dooreman at the Boerentoren). Large modern mural paintings were chosen for this project. Graffiti and mural paintings are the ultimate artistic forms of expression chosen by young generations. A number of international grafitti artists will be invited together with Yvon Tordoir to create new works in strategic places in the city, which are inspired by Rubens and Baroque.
Mural works by Yvon Tordoir


Grote Markt 
2000 Antwerp


From Friday, March 16, 2018
To Monday, December 31, 2018


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