Life behind the front line, where the peace and quiet is deceptive. While there is certainly time for pleasure, there is also time for court martials. In Poperinge several executions took place. Soldiers spent their last night in the prison cells of the town hall. Today, the execution spot in the town hall’s courtyard has
taken on a symbolic significance. The 2016 exhibition places facts and figures into a broader perspective. Anno Dijkstra, a contemporary Dutch artist, will also be presenting a new statue, encouraging visitors to reflect on the notion of (fallen) heroes. A mobile app takes you to places with a specific story to tell both in and around Poperinge, as well as to Ypres, Loker and Heuvelland. Writers from then and now place the executions in a poetical context.

Location:  (Gasthuiskapel - Hospital Chapel)

SHOT AT DAWN EXHIBITION - Exhibition, art installation & mobile application


Gasthuisstraat 1a
8970 Poperinge


From Saturday, September 3, 2016
To Sunday, November 13, 2016


T+32 (0)57 34 66 76

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