The art of remembrance is to be taken literally in Nieuwpoort. Art takes a prominent place in present-day Nieuwpoort as it did in 1916, albeit underground. A section of Belgian soldier-painters were assigned a dug-out in the ruins of the town, where they were to record the destruction on canvas. Thirteen painters captured the war in art, thus adding a touch of vitality and colour to a war-struck Nieuwpoort. Their work helps us to understand the tragedy. A few famous names are: Bastien, Hygens, Lynen, Wagemans. They painted life and death at the front and brought an unexpected vitality and flair from and to Nieuwpoort.Location: Westfront Nieuwpoort
The art of remembrance


Kustweg 2
8620 Nieuwpoort


From Friday, July 1, 2016
To Wednesday, May 31, 2017


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