Islam an its civilisation left traces in Europe. Material traces in Spain, Sicily or the Balkans; spiritual traces on the whole continent. It is these heritages that the exhibition Islam, It's Also Our History! puts on display. A way to link past and present. Immersive decors, precious objects, varied iconography, works of art of yore and of today recount 13 centuries of Muslims precence in Europe. the visitor will thus discover that this is a shared history, mixing in each epoch a luminous side (fruitful encounter, artistic creation, reciprocal influences) and a dark side (conflicts, borders, painful integration).
Islam, It's Also Our History! Europe and its Muslim legacies (Vanderborghtgebouw)


Schildknaapstraat 50
1000 Brussels


From Friday, September 15, 2017
To Monday, January 15, 2018


+32 (0)2 549 0 49

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