It was on the basis of his background in sculpture that Kristof Van Gestel (1976, Turnhout) sharpened up his sense of process, intuition, chance and residual space. As part of his oeuvre, he develops models of creation whereby his audience is able to actively gain experiences in these areas. In the course of workshops in this room, one of these models will be put into operation: the idiosyncratic Machine (IM).

The IM is a drawing and cutting machine that since 2011 has been used to generate forms in accordance with a series of instructions dictated by the artist. The participants draw the outlines of ordinary objects on paper. Then the in-between spaces are outlined, copied and cut out. Throughout the process, it is not only the instructions that count, but also individual choices, chance and dialogue.

Kristof Van Gestel - Idiosyncratische Machine (S.M.A.K.)


Jan Hoetplein 1
9000 Ghent


From Sunday, March 12, 2017
To Sunday, May 14, 2017


T+32 (0)9 240 76 01

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