Zvi Goldstein (1947, Transylvania, Romania) is a conceptual sculptor and author who works in Jerusalem. In the late 1970s he was one of the first artists to focus attention on the complexity of the globalised world. In his oeuvre he gives visible from to the hybrid nature of identity.
Goldstein initially applied the techniques of conceptual art to photos, films, sound installations and texts. He later switched to sculpture. He created extremely precise, enigmatic sculptures inspired by structures and elements from Western and other cultures. In these works, any form of hierarchy is alien to him. Zvi Goldstein sees his works as visual metaphors that prompt discussion when combined with theoretical writings. In about 2000 he stopped producing objects completely. He published two books: On Paper (2004), an account of his travels to remote regions, and Room 205 (2013), a long associative poem related to his idea of culture.
Zvi Goldstein (S.M.A.K.)


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