Winter Wonder Castle immerses the Castle of the Counts in a truly festive atmosphere. Among the dark spiral staircases of the thick castle walls, discover the magic of this warm and cosy celebration at the darkest time of the year. An enchanting experience for young and old alike. You become part of an exciting adventure in which Vikings, a king and a count play the main parts. It is December 880, everyone fears the seafaring conquerors who come and disturb the peace in our lands. Baldwin II, Count of Flanders, doesn’t know what to do. Will king Alfred the Great and Uhtred, his advisor who grew up among the Norse seafarers, provide a solution? Come and enjoy beautifully decorated Christmas trees, bonfires, ambient lighting and a Viking atmosphere. You can enjoy a drink and warm up at the Castle of the Counts winter bar.
Winter Wonder Castle


Sint-Veerleplein 11
9000 Ghent


From Tuesday, December 15, 2020
To Friday, January 15, 2021


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