The 'Dulle Griet' is a unique tavern with a great medieval interior, right down to the cartwheels on the walls. Its name goes back to a 15th-century connon located just round the corner. In addition to being pleasant and relaxing inside, the tavern has Ghent's largest range of beers on offer, with some 250 different sorts on the menu, including Trappist beers, abbey beers and "Kriekbier". Also on offer is the tavern's own brew, naturally going under the name of "Dulle Griet". As a novelty.customers can, if they wish , swap one of their shoes (they will get it back!) for a Max beer, served in a boot-shaped glass.Opening times: Daily, from 12:00. Number of different beers on offer: 250.


Vrijdagmarkt 50
9000 Ghent


+32 9 224 24 55

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