If you have a sweet tooth, ‘A Chocolate Adventure in Antwerp’ will take you on a mouth-watering tour to discover the origins of our national pride and joy.  Besides giving your taste buds a treat, your knowledge will be enriched as well. How did the cocoa bean come to Antwerp? What traditions and customs lie at the heart of the delicious chocolates, pastries and other preparations? In ‘A Chocolate Adventure’, you will be guided by a master candy buff along the most remarkable chocolate temples in Antwerp. We will savour the most exquisite chocolate creations, learn all about chocolate making with many helpful tips and some useful facts, and of course enjoy a feast of chocolate.  The top attraction to finish the walk with is a unique cocoa sniffing experience, the ‘chocolate shooter’. Simply unforgettable!


Zirkstraat 43
2000 Antwerp


+32 493 72 28 56

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