Benoît Nihant Chocolatier forms part of the elite cabal of chocolatiers that manufacture their chocolate using cocoa beans. Almost all chocolate-makers use chocolate as a raw material, which they subsequently remelt. Benoît, however, has opted to master the entire process, right from the selection of the best batches of fine cocoa beans from planters-harvesters who share his passion for excellence. He works in close collaboration with the plantations. The soil type, sunshine level and type of cocoa tree grown, plus of course the expertise of his planter partners, are all factors which influence the aromatic flavours of his exceptional chocolates. In order to preserve their unique character and pay homage to the planter’s work, he does not mix beans originating from different plantations.


Waterloosesteenweg 506
1050 Elsene


+32 (0)2 534 81 00

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