After several courses and internships abroad, David Maenhout decided to turn his passion into a business by opening his own chocolate shop. He soon turned into a innovative, trendsetting chocolatier, specialising in making top-quality gourmet chocolates with an edgy designer look. Although his wide assortment is best known for the highly refined fusion pralines, delighting chocolate lovers by blending unexpected flavours in intense new taste combinations, he also offers an excellent range of traditional chocolates.  Besides the wide range in his shop, as a chocolate designer, he also makes unique, exquisite creations specially for award-winning chefs in Belgium and further afield. His creativity, diversity, originality and excellent quality place him among the top chocolatiers in Belgium. Maenhout has won a whole series of national and international awards, capturing the headlines worldwide with the launch of a world first, the innovative umami praline.


Sylvain Dupuisstraat 38
8300 Knokke


+32 (0)50 61 44 60

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