On 24 April 1883 Charles Neuhaus registers the Côte d’Or brand. A Belgian icon is born! The first Côte d’Or chocolate is made from cocoa beans from the Gold Coast, now Ghana, and given the familiar elephant logo.  The first bar is created in 1911. The famous Côte d’Or packaging iis also launched. From their beginnings, these chocolate bars have grown into an assortment comprising dozens of new products and flavours. Including the Mignonnette, Bouchée, Chokotoff and the Sensations range. All of these chocolate delights stem from Côte d’Or’s expertise and passion for the chocolate product. The reasons for its success are obvious: cutting-edge craftsmanship, faithfulness to a unique intense flavour and the original recipe (high cocoa content and impeccable, consistent quality of the beans) and a constant search for new ideas, with the accompanying successful product innovations. And last but not least: Mondelez International group’s respect for Belgian know-how has ensured that the quality of Côte d’Or chocolate is maintained and internationally renowned.


Stationsstraat 100
2800 Mechelen


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