Jan Andries graduated as a pastry chef/chocolate maker from COOVI in Brussels. Having earned his spurs in several apprenticeships and collaborations with renowned pastry chefs and chocolate makers, he set up shop in the village of Meerbeke (Ninove) in 1992. It soon became known as a secret paradise for chocolate lovers and fine pastry aficionados. Jan is truly dedicated to his incessant quest for innovation and perfection. He has a profound respect for the pure taste of the raw materials and avoids over-sugaring. This results in a vast array of flavours and aromas, with the assortment varying in harmony with the seasons. Jan’s first love is chocolate.  All of the chocolates are hand made from the highest quality ingredients. You can follow the whole production process through the large window looking into the atelier from the shop. The reputation of Jan Andries’ fine-tasting and elegantly presented chocolates extends as far as Japan.


Gemeentehuisstraat 7
9402 Meerbeke


+32 (0)54 33 84 34

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