In 1919, chocolate-loving Mary Delluc set up a business in Brussels that was destined to become the Mary Chocolaterie. She pursued excellence and quality, a goal which then became a legacy. She and her master chocolatier frequently dreamed up new recipes. Mary’s key concern may be with the quality of the raw materials and the chocolates produced but her extraordinary refinement is also reflected in the way her products are presented, from the chocolate boxes to the window displays. It was in 1942 that Mary was awarded the title of "Certified Royal Warrant Holder of Belgium" for the first time, before receiving it again twice. As part of an efficiency drive, the production facility was established at the famous Arsenal site in 2009. In 2011 the decision was taken to strike a harmonious balance between modernity and a respected past: all the components of Mary’s history can be discovered in the shops. This is reflected in the selection of raw materials, paying respect to the founder’s recipes, packaging and customer service.


Koninginnegalerij 36
1000 Brussels


+32 2 511 39 59

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