Tom Vanthemsche received a training in baking, chocolate and ice-making in Ter Groene Poorte in Bruges and  at Wittamer in Brussels, in the lab of Neuhaus, at Valhrona and with Jeremie Runel and Alain Chartier in France. Later, he worked in the atelier of Neuhaus and in the Côte d’Or-boutique where he gave demo’s and workshops and,  as master chocolatier, was responsible for the production of the chocolates in the shop. At  23, he opened his own shop, the Cacao Tree. Tom Vanthemsche works with fresh quality products  without preservatives. He prepares the extended range of chocolates with 50 different tastes daily in the workshop behind the shop and complements it regularly with new tastes. Tom Vanthemsche also makes  ice cream  with 100% cow’s milk and sorbets with 60% fruit, which is quite unique.


Zoniënwoudlaan 363
1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode


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