Dominique Persoone is a legend at home and abroad. He soon made a name for himself as the ultimate innovator in the chocolate world, drawing on his gastronomic skills and scientific knowledge of food pairing to come up with the latest amazing flavour combinations. He is famous for designing unique chocolate creations for restaurants with global reputations. His sense of creativity extends further than taste alone. He taught the Rolling Stones to sniff chocolate with a Chocolate Shooter he designed himself and invented the chocolate lipstick that has livened up many a dinner party! A chocolate from The Chocolate Line is an experience for all the senses. The counter loaded with black gold offers so many convincing reasons to sin and enjoy. Pious paintings on the wall reach gold-bordered and floor to ceiling to heavy crystal chandeliers. Luxury, enjoyment and devotion. God is a chocoholic. Chocolate becomes gastronomy on Napoleon’s stove.


Meir 50
2000 Antwerp


+32 (0)3 206 20 30

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