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New Regulation for Organised Tourist Walks in Bruges

As of the 24 October 2017 the Bruges Municipal Council adopted new regulations on organised tourist walks.
This new regulatory framework defines the contours and conditions under which guided tours in Bruges can take place. Organisers and supervisors of guided tours must have a permit or authorisation. Both can be obtained easily.
If you are a professional association, tourist organisation, travel professional, organiser of tourist walks or think this may affect you or your business, you can find more detailed information here. Not sure if you need a license or authorisation then consult the most frequently asked questions and answers  here. If you would like to apply for a license to organise walking tours please click here or If you would like to apply for authorisation to guide walking tours in Bruges please click here.
You can also consult the full bylaw here on walking tours for tourists. 
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