Flanders makes Europe shine

Belgium holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union until 30 June 2024. The Federal State of Flanders plays an important role in the country’s EU policy. Did you know that Flanders takes up only 0.321% of the total surface area of Europe? A beautiful patch of land, a place full of history, brimming with heritage and arts. Where craftsmen combine age-old traditions with innovation, where real Flandriens brave the cobblestones and hills on their bicycles through all weathers and where exceptional natural spots offer not only tranquillity, but also a stay full of adventures.

Flanders plays an important role in the EU Presidency

Nowhere else in the European Union do the federal states have as much influence over their foreign policy as in Belgium. Flanders will therefore play an important role in the EU Presidency. For example, Flanders will chair the council in the fields of industry, youth, culture, media and fisheries. And for the internal market, public health, transport, education, sport, fisheries and agriculture domains, Flanders (on behalf of Belgium) will take on the role of mouthpiece. Flanders will also host a great many events during the EU presidency.

We are also seizing this opportunity to put Flanders more in the spotlight within the EU. With the focus on innovation, connection and resilience.

We welcome you warmly not only during but also after Belgium’s European Presidency.

Interactive map

Bruges ©Pieter D'Hoop - www.pdsign.be


Bruges, Picture Perfect
The Port house - Havenhuis ©Havenbedrijf Antwerpen - Peter Knoop


Stylish to a Fault
Fietsen tussen de bloesems © Guyvan Grinsven - Studiopress


Shopping, fashion and jenever

Flanders, Belgium’s northern region, is located in the heart of Europe. Our art cities of Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen are within a stone’s throw of each other; you often travel less than an hour from one to another. That means that in just a short time, you can discover a multitude of arts, heritage, culinary highlights and other gems in Flanders.

Visit the beating heart of Europe

Take a virtual tour of Europe at the Parlamentarium in Brussels, Europe’s largest parliamentary visitor centre. Among other things, you will find out how laws are voted in (and by whom), what historical votes took place and the challenges we face. An interactive floor map and a 360° digital surround movie guide you through Europe and the European Parliament. The visitor centre is open every day and admission is free. You only need to book online at Parlamentarium | Visiting | European Parliament (europa.eu).


Visit our art cities in 48 hours

Grote Markt Antwerp
Time speeds by when you’re in Antwerp. There is so much to experience here, from Baroque master Peter Paul Rubens’s artistic legacy, the Railway Cathedral...
Bruges ©Pieter D'Hoop - www.pdsign.be
Bruges is the unofficial capital, medieval of romance, the entire city centre is listed as a UNESCO heritage site, the Flemish Primitives, 500 years of history.
Kunstberg, Brussels
Lively busy Brussels. The capital of Europe, beer and chocolate. Home to numerous art treasures and monuments and the home base of Art Nouveau.

A breath of fresh air on the coast in 48 hours

67 kilometres of beach, culture, history and heritage


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