Brussels shop street

Are you looking for accessible shopping locations in Flanders? Download the user-friendly On Wheels App. Make a profile and the app will give you an interactive map based on your personal preferences.

For shopping in Brussels, take a look on the website of Handy Brussels. For more inspiration, check our tips below.

on wheels app

Shopping ‘on wheels’

With the handy On Wheels app you can search for shops in Flanders that are accessible to you based on your personal profile. The app takes you straight to an interactive map on which you can see the chosen locations in the city of your choice. What you see is determined by your personal settings: the width of your wheelchair and the maximum step height you can cope with.

Handy.Brussels - Brussels for All !

Wheelchair-friendly shopping in Brussels

Want to know which Brussels shopping centres are wheelchair friendly? The tips on the website are based on international standards and the associated symbols. You’ll find information about the accessibility of shopping centres, as well as restaurants, cafés, accommodation, etc.

reen sweets and treats

Some accessible shopping tips

Enjoy a piece of chocolate at Reen sweets and treats

With its exclusive chocolate and Macarons de Paris, Reen Sweets and treats chocolate shop in Meerbeek offers unique high-end products for all tastes. “People should enjoy every piece of chocolate they try here”, says Reen, the driving force behind all these delights. She’s also proud of the fact that her shop is accessible to all. Thanks to the unique Braille menu, chocolate lovers with a visual impairment also get to choose for themselves from the extensive range.

Schoonaardestraat 56, 3078 Meerbeek (Kortenberg)
Tel.: +32 497 823 855



Lilola, short for Live, Love, Laugh, is a shop with a high feel-good score. Everything is for sale, even the decor. The long opening hours and special shopping concepts are an added bonus! A volunteer from On Wheels visited this trendy boutique. The entrance to the shop is step free and the doorway is 120 cm wide.

Langestraat 47b, 8000 Brugge
Tel.: +32 50 33 66 02