Kamperen in Vlaanderen

Tips for people with disabilities

  • European parking card

With your European parking card for people with a disability you can park in Flanders (Belgium) on a parking space that is reserved for people with a disability. Whether you can park for free and/or for an unlimited period of time depends on the local government. Parking rules can differ strongly depending on the locality. 

  • Navigating and parking

Are you looking forward to a sunny day at the seaside or a visit to the Westhoek? But are you dreading looking for a parking space? Finding a parking space should be easier via this handy website. You are given concrete information like location, surface area, subsoil, etc. per parking space. You can search for accessible parking spaces on the digital map or via your GPS.

Find a preserved parking spot for people with a disability (only available in Dutch).
Learn more about searching for preserved parking spots via your gps (only available in Dutch). 

  • Parking at the coast

Looking for a reserved parking space along the coast? The following list mentions whether holders of a valid parking card have to pay at a public parking space or not. You can discover the precise location of the reserved parking spaces at the coast via the "geoloket" on (only available in Dutch).