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Flanders. A region packed with history, heritage and arts. The cradle of cycling and the breeding ground for an unparalleled culinary culture. A region in the heart of Europe, with an inexhaustible wealth of natural beauty interspersed with historic castles and gardens. A place full of stories that stretch back centuries, thanks to our pioneering craftsmanship. Welcome to Flanders, where you will be welcomed with open arms.
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In the heart of Europe

Flanders, Belgium’s northern region, is located in the heart of Europe. It’s known for its chocolate, fries and beer, and has been praised worldwide for its impressive heritage and the progressive craftsmanship of its master painters and their descendants.

Flanders may be modest in size, but that's exactly why it's wonderful to discover by bicycle, for example. Discover the gems of heritage in their green, natural regions. Flanders is also perfect for exploring cities such as Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen. A multitude of arts, heritage, gastronomy and other highlights at just a stone's throw from each other.

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Welcome to Flanders! Here you can experience and discover so much along with the whole family, very quickly and within a short distance.