Querid@ amig@de Flandes:

En vista de la situación de COVID-19, actualmente se están aplicando medidas de seguridad específicas y restricciones adicionales en toda Bélgica. Encontrarás información más detallada en la siguiente página web y directrices/requisitos en vigor del Gobierno belga. Para los últimos consejos para viajar a nuestro país, por favor consulta a tus autoridades locales.

Si viajas a Flandes, Bruselas o a cualquier otro lugar de Bélgica por una duración de 48 horas o más, deberás rellenar un formulario de localización de pasajeros, dentro de las 48 horas anteriores a tu llegada a Bélgica. 

Cuídate bien a ti mism@ y a tus seres querid@s y sigue segur@ y saludable.  

Esperamos darte la bienvenida pronto, de todo corazón.
Un abrazo,

Turismo de Bélgica: Flandes y Bruselas

Estofado flamenco y patatas fritas, Gastronomía Flandes Bélgica, VisitFlanders
Tony Gozo blog, Flandes Bélgica - © www.contemporarynomad.com

Tony Gozo

  • Job: It was this obsession with the wonders of the world that led me to study linguistics and Mandarin Chinese at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. It was the obvious direction for someone who desperately wanted to explore the globe. And it worked. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to live, work, study and travel in over 80 countries.
  • Favorite destination: California, United States
  • Likes:I love to travel – that’s my obsession. I love nature and wildlife. I can sit for hours watching a grizzly bear, a herd of elephants, or a humpback whale breaching offshore. I’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to see a certain species of lemur or to catch a glimpse of an exotic bird. In addition, I’m an architecture freak.
El contemporáneo Tony Nomad descubre un plato flamenco tradicional: stoofvlees y papas fritas.
Stoofvlees y patatas fritas, Gastronomía Flandes Bélgica - © contemporarynomad.com
So what is typical Flemish food? I have to be honest, I had no idea. So Tourism Antwerp arranged a little lunchtime food-venture for me at Brasserie Appelmans, a great little cafe perfectly situated in the shade of the Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal.

When the very friendly waiter came to take my order, I tore my eyes away from the towering wall of buttresses and stained glass and ordered in the only way I could, “Make it as Flemish as possible.” “OK,” he smiled, “one order of…” And then I heard a series of syllables which took me a few minutes to decipher.

It turns out I was getting stoofvlees and frites. It looks easy enough when you see it in print, but in spoken form, it’s a bit difficult to wrap your ears around this dish.
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