Stay At Home Museum

Rubens, Bruegel, Van Eyck, Ensor and the Mechelen city palace Hof van Busleyden welcome you. Flanders loves to share its rich cultural heritage. Our museums are eager to show you how the Flemish Masters became so famous. Meet some of our top experts while watching the “Stay at home museum” videos. They guide you along a few of the absolute masterpieces you can admire in Flanders.

Enjoy these VIP tours from the comfort of your couch. All episodes feature a version tailored to your needs:  
-    Audio description (a vocal explanation of the visual information)
-    International Sign Interpretation
-    Subtitles (Click on YouTube the wheel at the bottom of your screen to enable or change the language)


Jan van Eyck - MSK Gent

Jan van Eyck is called a “Flemish primitive”, although his paintings are far from primitive. Van Eyck’s painting style is highly realistic and yet packed with symbolism. Till-Holger Borchert, curator of the unique exhibition “Van Eyck – an optical illusion”, walks you through the Fine Arts Museum in Ghent (MSK) and presents his favourite masterpieces.

Bruegel – Museum of Fine Arts Brussels

Pieter Bruegel the Elder was already a superstar in his day (16th century) and he still is. Emperors and kings decorated their palaces with his art work. Now, the director of the Royal Museum of Fine Art in Brussels (KMSKB), Mr Michel Draguet, invites you as VIP to discuss one of the top items of the museum’s collection: the “The Fall of the Rebel Angels”.

Rubens – Rubens House

Peter Paul Rubens is one of the greatest painters of the baroque period. Ben Van Beneden, director of the Rubens House in Antwerp, welcomes you to the Flemish Master’s home. You can’t get any closer to Rubens: take a walk in the garden where he found inspiration, let yourself be guided around his house like a guest and even gain access to his studio. And of course, admire the beautiful paintings by his hand, such as his famous self-portrait.

Ensor – Mu.ZEE

James Ensor’s work was a milestone in modern art. Especially for you, curator Mieke Mels opens the doors of Mu.ZEE, the museum in Ostend, the coastal town where Ensor used to live. 

Hof van Busleyden

Hof van Busleyden takes you back to the time when Mechelen was the capital of the Burgundian Netherlands. It was in this city palace that great humanist thinkers, such as Thomas More and Erasmus, met. Today it is a top family friendly attraction. Who better to show us around than the Children’s Mayor of Mechelen?

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