Chocolate Experience - chocolate walk - © Carolien Krijnen

An initiation into authentic chocolate flavours

Bitter Zoet

Fork with chocolate heart

Bitter Zoet offers tastings during which chocolate lovers can learn all about the history and production of chocolate. The cocoa bean, country of origin and processing method all influence the taste and quality of the chocolate. The best bit is that chocolate lovers will be able to taste different types of chocolate and identify their own preferences. The chocolate they taste at Bitter Zoet is high quality, organic and Fairtrade. This can be washed down with a glass of whisky, wine or rum. Bitter Zoet offers a range of tastings at a location of your choice or in a comfortable coffee bar in Berchem. Personalised tastings and food pairing can also be arranged on request.

Where? Bitter Zoet - Lange Scholiersstraat 104/4 - 2060 Antwerp - T +32 478 93 22 51 - e-mail & website (only accessible for groups).

Chocolate Walking Tour of Antwerp

Chocolate Line shop in Antwerp

During this tour, you’ll discover the fascinating story of the origins of chocolate and the wonderful qualities ascribed to it. And you’ll find out more about the rich history of this product. The history of the ‘praline’, the chocolate invented by a Belgian in 1912 and still made using traditional methods, will also be explained. We’ll call in at some specialist chocolatiers, including The Chocolate Line in the Palace on the Meir, Neuhaus in the Wilde Zee, Marcolini and chocolate maker by royal appointment Mary. On the way, you’ll get the opportunity to try some delicious Belgian pralines.

Where? In Antwerp – Tours in Dutch, French and English – website. To make a reservation, contact Carolien Krijnen, approved City Guide (only accessible for groups of min. 15 people).

Concept Chocolate

Chocolate Tastings - Concept Chocolate

During the tasting, chocolate lovers can see how the skilled chocolate makers work and taste delicious chocolate thins and pralines. All the steps in the manual production of chocolates are performed in front of their eyes: melting the chocolate, preparing the filling, filling the shells, unmoulding and packing. And, last but not least: tasting! If participants would like a refreshing drink, we recommend they take the ‘beer and chocolate’ or ‘wine and chocolate’ tour.

Where? Concept Chocolate - Distelstraat 19 - T +32 2 242 94 66 - e-mail & website. Advanced booking required.

Goossens Chocolatier

Chocolate Tastings - chocolatier Goossens

The tasting begins with an explanation of the origins of cocoa and the traditional chocolate making process. Participants will learn to tell the difference between the different sorts of chocolates and different quality chocolate. Then they’ll tour the factory where they can see close up how chocolate is made and also try some samples. When they leave, they’ll be given a box of chocolates to enjoy later and share with their family and friends.

Where? Goossens Chocolatier - Isabellalei 6 - 2018 Antwerp - T +32 3 239 13 10 - e-mail. Make a reservation via our website (only accessible for groups).

Laurent Gerbaud

Chocolate Tastings - Laurent Gerbaud

Not a factory tour, not a talk on the history of chocolate: an initiation into authentic chocolate flavours - that’s the best way to describe a tasting session at Laurent Gerbaud. Participants will taste different varieties of chocolate, followed by some unique Laurent Gerbaud specialities. Foodpairing of chocolate with beers or wines can also be arranged on request, for an additional charge.

Where? Laurent Gerbaud - Ravensteinstraat 2d - 1000 Brussels - T +32 2 511 16 02. Make a reservation via e-mail (only accessible for groups).

Planète Chocolat

Chocolate Tastings - Planète Chocolat

During a demonstration at Planète Chocolat, participants will discover the fascinating history of chocolate through the centuries. They’ll learn the difference between the various types of chocolate and see with their own eyes the different stages of the manufacturing process. Participants will also get to have a go themselves and will be offered a delicious cup of hot chocolate to round off the demonstration... with chocolates of course! The demonstration can also be combined with a workshop or a city tour.

Where? Planète Chocolat - Lombardstraat 24 - 1000 Brussels - T +32 2 511 07 55 - e-mail. Make a reservation via our website (for groups). Individual tastings at 4 p.m. on Saturday and at 3 p.m. on Sunday.

Quetzal De chocoladebar

Chocolate Tastings - Quetzal Tearoom

The ‘Chocolate Tasting Route’ is a journey of discovery through the world of chocolate. For two hours, participants are immersed in tasting the finest chocolates Belgium has to offer, while they learn about different varieties of cocoa from exotic destinations. Foodies can discover combinations of chocolate and all sorts of extraordinary ingredients and those who are really brave can even sniff cocoa. To round everything off there is a colourful chocolate fondu, in which participants can dip fresh fruit in different types of chocolate to their hearts’ content while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

Where? Quetzal De chocoladebar - Lijnwaadmarkt 11 - 2000 Antwerp - T +32 3 344 04 41 - M +32 494 79 38 93 - e-mail. Make a reservation via our website (only accessible for groups).


Belgian Chocolate Zaabär - Workshop - 2

The tasting begins with an explanation of the history, processing and production of chocolate. The chocolate lovers then go on a tour of the factory and are given a demonstration of the chocolate tempering technique. A delicious tasting session in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere is also included.

Where? Zaabär - Charleroisesteenweg 125 - 1060 Brussels - T +32 2 533 95 80 - e-mail. Make a reservation via our website (only accessible for groups).