VISIT FLANDERS Visitor Information Centre - Brussels
As a Flemish government agency that is strategy and knowledge-driven, VISITFLANDERS is committed to the sustainable development and promotion of Flanders as a top tourist destination. We don’t do this by ourselves. Together with our tourism partners, we work to allow Flanders to flourish as an innovative, high-quality travel destination and to inspire potential visitors to put the region at the top of their bucket lists. Our ultimate goal? Using tourism to help Flanders flourish as a destination! We do so both for our residents and entrepreneurs and for you, our visitors. We pay special attention to sustainability, accessibility and family-friendliness.

How do we do this?


We encourage further sectoral professionalisation to ensure a high-quality visitor experience


Through targeted investments and support, we increase Flanders’ appeal to tourists


We promote Flanders as a high-quality tourist destination abroad so as to attract more international visitors


We enable full participation in tourism for all Flemings

We do this from our head office at Grasmarkt 61 in Brussels. In addition, many of our colleagues are active abroad in countries such as the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland, DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Spain, Italy, the United States and Canada and/or we work with agents in Scandinavia, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, among other places.

Our vision and mission

At VISITFLANDERS, we strengthen tourism’s positive power. This enables Flanders to flourish as an innovative, inspiring and high-quality travel destination, thereby benefiting the region, its residents, entrepreneurs and visitors.

Reizen naar Morgen front-Low ©Thomas De Boever

Travel to Tomorrow

As stated, our goal is to flourish as a destination. Our plans for the coming years are based around the 'Travel to tomorrow' framework. This sets out tourism’s role in the future and where we are headed as an organisation. 'Travel to tomorrow' is a co-creative project that involves many partners from the tourism sector.

flora et labora

Flora et Labora

'Flora et Labora' is our vision and strategy document. This is based on the Tourism policy memo and 'Travel to Tomorrow' conceptual framework. It describes how we intend to achieve our goal of flourishing as a destination. What can we do to develop tourism in Flanders sustainably in accordance with our chosen themes: Arts and heritage, Flanders Naturally, Culinary Flanders, Cycling, Conferences and events and Everyone deserves a holiday?

Our six themes

We focus on the intense experience of a place, a destination. This can involve meaningful encounters, specific activities or a sustainable travel formula. Instead of concentrating on a specific city or region, we develop broader Flemish narratives based on the following six interdependent themes. Wherever possible, we combine these themes to further strengthen people’s experience.


Arts and heritage

Flemish Masters, urban and religious heritage, castles, gardens and memorials to the Great War.


Flanders Naturally

Flemish parks and national parks, the landscape, nature reserves, waterways and the coast.


Culinary Flanders

Flanders as an ideal place for epicureans to savour our beer culture, local artisan products and lavish dishes. All are flourishing thanks to exceptional craftsmanship.



Flanders is all about road races and known for its cycling culture. Cycling is also an ideal way to experience our destination.


Conferences and events

The VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau to work with associations and Event Flanders to attract events with international appeal.


Everyone deserves a holiday

The right to holidays for everyone, now and in the future.



An accessible destination

Flanders aims to be a pleasant place to visit for everyone. Whatever your age, with certain needs to accommodate, with or without a disability... We ensure that every guest and visitor can enjoy what Flanders has to offer to the fullest. Are you planning a trip to Flanders and do you have any further requirements or questions for us? We are happy to help!

The Tree House ©gemeente Hechtel-Eksel

A sustainable destination

For tourism to contribute to Flanders’ flourishing as a destination, sustainability is an important factor. Part of our sustainability plan focuses on Flanders as a destination. How can we support our stakeholders in making Flanders an optimally sustainable tourist destination? Additionally, we wish to reduce VISITFLANDERS’ own ecological footprint.