Discover Flanders

Friends cycling Brussels © Visit Brussels - Eric Danhier

Flanders is packed with heritage, from  stylish Antwerp, picture-perfect Bruges, the capital Brussels and best-kept secret Ghent to cosy Leuven and Mechelen.

This legacy was built by many generations of brilliant craftsmen such as the Flemish Masters Jan Van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel and Peter Paul Rubens. They and their heirs make Flanders the cultural gem it is today. The same goes for our unique food and beer culture. Expertise and know-how are passed on from generation to generation and our chefs and brewers are building new heritage with the same boldness. Our craftspeople are the beating heart of Flanders.

Many-faceted Flanders

Whether it involves culinary delights (beer!), diamonds or nanotechnology, architecture or comic strips, charming and vibrant cities or nearly unspoilt nature interspersed with historic castles and beautiful gardens, Flanders offers modern craftsmanship built on ancient traditions. This is what sets Flanders apart.

Discover Flanders with your family

Welcome to Flanders! Here you can experience and discover so much along with the whole family, very quickly and within a short distance.


Inspiring itineraries

Only in Flanders for a few days and want to make as much of your visit as possible? Looking for a romantic weekend getaway or a more active holiday? We are happy to inspire you with these itineraries.

The Flemish coast: 67 kilometres of beach, culture history and heritage

Grote Markt Antwerp
Time speeds by when you’re in Antwerp. There is so much to experience here, from Baroque master Peter Paul Rubens’s artistic legacy, the Railway Cathedral...
Kunstberg, Brussels
Lively busy Brussels. The capital of Europe, beer and chocolate. Home to numerous art treasures and monuments and the home base of Art Nouveau.
Bruges ©Pieter D'Hoop -
Bruges is the unofficial capital, medieval of romance, the entire city centre is listed as a UNESCO heritage site, the Flemish Primitives, 500 years of history.

Out and about with the Treinstappers

Grote Routepaden’s Treinstappers guide you from one station to another. As you walk, you discover Flanders’ numerous hidden gems (including many green ones).

Deurnis Maarkedal