Culinary treats and Belgian Beer

Table at L'Épicerie du Cirque
The love of food and flavour is in a Fleming’s blood, and good taste is rooted in our DNA. In Flanders, food lovers taste flavors and dishes they can't find anywhere else, thanks to the variety in local products.

We are living the good life. We are proud of our fries, beer and chocolate. Small-scale microbreweries are emerging, young chefs are innovating in the kitchen with zero waste, experimenting with local ingredients and chocolatiers are redefining the classic praline. Expertise and know-how are passed down from generation to generation. That’s what keeps our culinary heritage alive.

Flanders is the place to be for the epicurean. Take a look in the Bistronomie guide for a collection of the best no-nonsense restaurants in Belgium. Or find all restaurants by city on

Flanders' delights

Name a typical Belgian dish. Fries? Bingo! And now think ‘sweet’ … When in Ghent, try the cuberdon or ‘neuzeke’. Antwerp is famous for its ‘Antwerpse handjes’

Our autumn fruit: apples and pear

Apples and pears are the ultimate autumn fruit here. Juicy, sweet, fresh and handy to eat on the go. In our part of the world they have been popular for centuries in all their rich colours, flavours and shapes. Our fruit growers produce only the best-quality apples and pears.

Doorkijkkerkje – Reading between the Lines in Borgloon ©Guy van Grinsven - Studiopress

Ambassadors of GOESTING

Meet the “Ambassadors of GOESTING”: A group of foodies who embody Flemish gastronomy. We are chefs, chocolatiers, brewers, hosts and culinary creators, united by a common goal: to share the hidden stories of our dining culture. Want to bet that you don’t yet know our Flemish dining culture? Maybe not yet anyway...


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