Beaufort art on the Flemish coast

Beaufort2012 © Westtoer APB
The Flemish coast: sun, sea, beach and... art. The Beaufort Triennial highlights the coastline artistically every three years. Beaufort Sculpture Park is a lasting reminder of the event. The coastal tram is a quick, easy and sustainable way to travel along this constantly growing open-air museum.

Every three years, the North Sea coast celebrates an artistic high tide when Beaufort comes to visit. Since 2003, this triennial has been bringing contemporary art to the Flemish coast. Each time, all kinds of sculptures emerge on or at the beach, somewhere along the coastline. 

The North Sea is gearing up for a new edition this year. On 27 March 2024, Beaufort24 will officially get under way. A collection of (inter)national artists is set to explore an idea of natural connection. What is happening along the North Sea coast? Which legends, histories and stories are told there? Beaufort gives the answers in 18 brand-new works of art.   

Beaufort Sculpture Park: a permanent impression

Although in fact, you don’t actually have to wait to enjoy Beaufort. We have Beaufort Sculpture Park to thank for that. Under this name, over 40 works of art from previous editions have already found a permanent home. They are now part of the daily panorama of our coastline. Just think of the metres-high sculptures Rock Strangers in Ostend, the eccentric little boy Benjamin in De Haan or the equestrian statues Men in Nieuwpoort, which appear and disappear along with the tide. Just as with previous editions, eight artworks from Beaufort2024 will be given a permanent place in Beaufort Sculpture Park.


The coastal tram

All this beauty is located in public areas. The works are free to view and can be visited 24/7. And there is also a simple, fast and sustainable way to see them all. The coastal tram, the longest tram line in the world, which continuously shuttles along our 67 kilometres of coastline. Would you like to combine this contemporary art experience with a number of other highlights? If so, you will surely find inspiration on this four-day trip along the Flemish coast. The North Sea welcomes you.

Coastal public transport tram De Lijn at beachside Raversijde

Is your hunger for art not satisfied yet? In next to no time, you will find yourself in historic Bruges. A new edition of the Bruges Triennial, a three-yearly injection of contemporary art and architecture into the city, starts there in April.   

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