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There are various ways for you to plan a bike trip as a weekend break. Try any of the following options:

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Cycle network

You can cycle from node to node all over Flanders. This network of cycle nodes, or cycle network as it’s also known, is a beautifully simple, versatile system. All the best cycle routes have been combined into a network. Where two or more routes intersect, this is called a node. To take a specific route, simply cycle along, following the signs from node to numbered node. Rectangular signs mark each node. You can also design your own route. In that case, you can decide for yourself which nodes to include and how extensive or taxing your trip will be. Plan your route using a physical map or the internet, write down the node numbers in your preferred order and you’re good to go. If you keep that map handy, you can even adapt your route on the fly. The possibilities are endless.

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Themed cycling loops

You can also set off along one of the specially created themed cycle routes. These are ready and waiting for you!
Such routes are generally marked with hexagonal signs, and in some cases, included in the cycle node network.
There are themed cycle routes for every topic imaginable! Are you in the mood for a Peace, Brewery, Goedendag or Castle-themed cycle route? Emile Claus, Urbanus and Eddy Merckx have each been honoured with a route as well.

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"The best of Flanders by bike"

Nine iconic cycle routes for a cycling holiday in Flanders. These Iconic cycle routes guide you along pleasant cycle paths as they stitch together the best of Flemish scenery based on various unifying themes.

All Iconic routes are well-marked with signposts in both directions.


    Nine iconic routes:

    • Coastal Route
    • ’14–’18 Western Front Route
    • Scheldt Route
    • Art City Route
    • Green Belt Route
    • Kempen Route
    • Meuse Route
    • Hilly Route
    • Flanders Route: Combine your wildest cycling dreams into a single route, uniting all the wealth and variety of the Flemish iconic cycle routes.

    The iconic Coastal, Meuse, Scheldt and Hilly routes all cross national borders or are components of international EuroVelo routes. These EuroVelo routes are also indicated on the signposts. You can find more information about EuroVelo routes at

    Fietsen in Vlaanderen icoonroutes

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