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In Scheldeland, you’re never far from the water. This area, which contains the cities of Aalst, Dendermonde and Ninove, is home to three rivers; the Scheldt, Dender and Rupel. These waterways encouraged the flow of trade, transport and industry, driving the economy of an entire region. Their towpaths and narrow passages also make for lovely scenic backdrops to a walk or bike ride. There is ample folkloric entertainment available here as well; nowhere is carnival celebrated as enthusiastically as in Aalst or Ninove.

Castles along the River Scheldt

Few regions can boast such a density of castle estates as Flanders. They are easy to reach from the Flemish cities by following the region’s innumerable hiking trails and cycling routes run along or through the castle estates of Flanders.

Castle Wissekerke - Kasteel Wissekerke

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