Flanders is a cycling paradise for sports and recreational cyclists

Flanders is a cycling paradise for sports and recreational cyclists

Flanders is the cradle of cycling. It's in our genes. So it's no surprise how often we jump on our bikes to get around, beaten only by the Netherlands. Real Flandriens can have a blast on our hills and cobblestones. If you like cycling in a group, then our cyclotours are just the ticket for you. Or maybe you'd rather explore Flanders by bike at a more relaxed pace?  Then we invite you to follow one of our nine icon cycle routes.

Flandrien Challenge

Have you got what it takes to become a true Flandrien?

A true Flandrien is a man or woman of steel who never gives up, not even when their calves are aching on our iconic mountain & cobble segments. Are you ready to take on our Flandrien Challenge at STRAVA, a unique physical manifestation of cycling's most popular digital experience? Hit 59 iconic mountain & cobble segments in less than 72 hours. If you succeed, we’ll make you a legend: with your own personalized stone on the wall of fame of the Centre Tour of Flanders in Oudenaarde.


Become a world champion yourself?

Want to feel the world champion vibe? Then maybe you can take on one of our bucket list challenges. Like riding the course of the 2021 Road World Championships. You get 8 short, tricky climbs along winding roads, interspersed with bumpy cobblestones and often a combination of both. Don't forget to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Along the way, stop for a cool beer in one of the many bike pubs or breweries along the route. Or wait until you reach the finish line in Leuven, Stella Artois's home town.



Would you rather not hit the road alone? Then take part in one of our cyclotours. Join many other cycling enthusiasts to ride the course of the World Championships, for example. Or the postponed Tour of Flanders. Many other cyclotours are scheduled over the year for you to ride the day before one of our cycling classics. The enthusiasm from all those fans is very contagious. And if it gets too difficult, just slip behind the wheel of the cyclist in front of you. Who knows, you might even make some new friends.


Icon cycle routes

Do you like cycling but at a slightly slower pace? Then Flanders also has a lot in store for you. Be sure to try out one of our 9 icon cycle routes. Each icon cycle route revolves around a central theme and links Flanders' most beautiful landscapes together via attractive cycle routes. All the icon cycle routes are fully signposted in two directions. You can therefore choose in which direction you cycle, and where you want to start or finish. The Front Route takes you along the former front line of the Great War, between Nieuwspoort and Messines. The Meuse route offers you beautiful landscapes along the Meuse between Riemst and Kinrooi. The Coastal Route takes you to Brussels, Leuven, Mechelen, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges and Ostend. Can't choose? Then the Flanders Route is definitely for you.

Feeling the urge to get on your bike? You're more than welcome in Flanders. Because whatever type of cyclist you are, Flanders has something for you.

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