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This city is historic and hip, bureaucratic and bizarre. Alluring, but without pretence. The capital of Europe, chocolate, comics and surrealism. Brussels is a special place. It does not take itself too seriously. It’s no surprise, then, that Manneke Pis functions as its mascot.

Brussels, the Heart of Europe

Brussels has a lot to offer. There’s its centre, with the Grand Place’s Gothic town hall and imposing Saint Hubert galleries, home to the best chocolatiers in the country. There are luxurious shops, culturally diverse cultural offering areas, stately districts full of Art Nouveau architecture and green refuges such as Jubelpark. Explore the city’s culinary opulence in countless cafés and restaurants and the cultural opulence of over a hundred museums. Brussels is everything at once.

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48 hours in bustling Brussels

Ah, lively busy Brussels. The capital of Europe, beer and chocolate. Home to numerous art treasures and monuments and the home base of Art Nouveau. Let's face it, you’ll probably need more than 48 hours to discover all the amazing assets of this global city. But it’s a good place to start.


In 2024, it will be 75 years since the passing of James Ensor (1860 – 1949). Join us in celebrating the life of this renowned Flemish Master with various exhibitions, activities and events in Ostend, Brussels and Antwerp.


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