Museums in Flanders: so much more than art

Royal Museum for Central Africa

Flanders is virtually synonymous with the arts. Centuries ago, Flemish masters such as Bruegel, Van Eyck and Rubens started the ball rolling and are celebrated in numerous museums to this day. However, art is not the only thing that the Flemish museum scene has to offer. There is much more. How about diamonds, Burgundian life, beer and bicycles?

Museum Hof van Busleyden © Sophie Nuytten

Hof van Busleyden

Hof van Busleyden, a stunning city palace in Mechelen, has a permanent exhibition that shines the spotlight on the lesser known chapter of history, the Burgundian Netherlands. In this 16th century palace, you’ll find famous masterpieces and discover the legacy of important figures in history such as Charles the Bold, Margaret of Austria, Thomas More and Emperor Charles V.

Bruges beer museum

Bruges Beer Museum

Belgium is the birthplace of beer. Centuries-old traditions are combined with state-of-the-art developments with successful results. Here, you’ll find no fewer than 2,000 unique types of beer. Immerse yourself in this monumental legacy with the Bruges Beer Experience. Discover the secrets of the master brewer, learn all about beer pairing and indulge your senses with a delicious and thirst-quenching beer.

DIVA © DIVA - Sven Coubergs


Antwerp has yet another new asset with DIVA. This experience centre offers an ode to Antwerp, capital city of the diamond. The sparkling stones have been processed here since at least 1447 and the city still enjoys this unique position. The DIVA centre offers a glimpse into the dazzling history of this gemstone. It tells you all there is to know about the unrivalled craftsmanship and the unique stories behind Antwerp diamonds.


Sven Nys Cycling Center

There is no-one better placed to explain to you what cyclocross is, than Sven Nys, two-times world champion and nine-times Belgian champion in cyclocross. Wander through the Sven Nys Cycling Center from one moment of cycling history to the next memorable triumph. Plough through the sandpit on a cyclocross bike, experience how a real cyclocrosser prepares and explore the track of the Grand Prix Sven Nys on Balenberg hill.



Nowadays, culture is the main resource that is mined at the former coal mining sites in Genk. These sites now form the home of C-Mine, a centre that offers a wide range of cultural and tourist activities. It offers major exhibitions on culinary discoveries, concerts, scenic walking tours and much, much more. Be sure to take part in the C-mine Expedition: a unique experience for all your senses, culminating in a climb to the top of the authentic mine shaft. The view from the top of the 60m high tower is the cherry on the cake.

Arts and heritage

Flanders is synonymous with heritage. Our famed Flemish Masters’ genius and inimitable craftsmanship helped move art history in a different direction. Since then, many generations of creative people have followed their example, both in the arts and in other areas. We have castles and cathedrals, churches and belfries, tapestries and beguinages, artistic masterpieces and entire historic city centres. All attest to Flanders’ rich cultural heritage.

Museum Hof van Busleyden © Sophie Nuytten

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