Portrait of The Antwerp Six

The fashion collective presented a distinct radical vision for fashion during the 1980's that established Antwerp as a notable location for fashion design. The breakthrough occurred in 1988 as the group rented a truck and set out for the London Fashion Week  with their collections.

Despite their shared background in the fashion department of Antwerp’s Royal Academy, the styles of the six designers are distinctly varied. Whilst Van Noten’s scarves of exotic fabrics, beaded saris and dyed skirts are inspired by the traditional practices of countries such as India, Morocco and Egypt, Van Beirendonck’s bold graphics and daring designs are rooted in a futuristic concept of fashion that is both theatrical and challenging.

Its stratospheric success was due to a combination of uninhibited talent an savvy marketing. Individually their names didn’t lend themselves to easy recognition, but the catch-all labeling captured the media’s imagination and put Antwerp on the international fashion map ever since.
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