Just north of Ypres lies one of only 4 German cemeteries in the Flanders Fields area. The German Military Cemetery Langemark, which has evolved from a small group of graves, has seen numerous changes and extensions. Today, 4 imposing bronze statues of mourning soldiers watch over the graves of more than 44,000 German soldiers.  There are no individual graves. Multiple soldiers are buried together in a grave plot, with their names inscribed in the horizontal laying gravestone. It’s the final resting place of 3000 unexperienced young soldiers that died in the First Battle of Ypres, many of them students, which is why the cemetery is also known as the Studentenfriedhof (Student’s Cemetery). But even more heartbreaking is the mass grave that marks nearly 25,000 men, the so called ‘Comrades Grave’. 


Klerkenstraat 64
8920 Langemark-Poelkapelle


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